Mother holding a toddler daughter.

Head of Household: What Does it Mean for Garnishment?

Head of Household: What Does that Mean for Garnishment? Is a creditor trying to garnish your wages? Then you need to know about the head of household exemption. It provides an exemption from garnishment of earnings payable to a head of household. Are You a Head of Household? To be a head of household, you must: Provide more than half of the financial support for another person you have a legal or moral obligation to support. The supported person can…

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Senior woman looking at bills at the kitchen table.

Understanding Charity Care

What’s Charity Care? Do You Qualify? Are you uninsured and having trouble paying your medical bills? You may be wondering if you qualify for charity care. Charity care is health care provided for at no cost or a reduced cost to patients who have no health insurance and can’t afford to pay. There’s no Florida law mandating how much charity care hospitals must offer. But fortunately, many Tampa Bay hospitals and medical facilities do offer charity care to qualifying patients.…

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High Number of Floridians with Unpaid Medical Bills

Medical Bills a Problem for Floridians A high number of Florida residents have unpaid medical bills. Among Florida adults, 20.7 percent now have unpaid medical debts, according to a recent report published by the website 24/7 Wall St. This level is the 32nd highest among the 50 states. Nationwide, 22.7 percent of U.S. adults have past due medical bills, according to the study, which is based on a 2018 analysis published by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). According to…

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Stop the Pain from Workplace Injury Bills

If you’ve been injured on the job, you are not responsible to pay for the treatment of your workplace injury. Medical bills should be paid by your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier. But what happens if you’re sent the medical bill and the hospital or medical provider starts hounding you for payment? Fortunately, Florida and federal fair debt collection laws protect injured workers from demands for payment of bills they don’t owe. If you’re…

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Child Support: Reimbursable Expenses as Income

In this week’s family law appellate blog, the Second District Court of Appeal directed a trial court to recalculate the parties’ child support obligations in light of the court’s exclusion from the mother’s income all of the automobile expenses paid by her business. The case is Mikhail v. Mikhail, Case No. Case No. 2D18-2153 (filed September 20, 2019). Trial Court Evidence was submitted at trial that showed the mother owned a company that reimbursed all of her automobile expenses, incurred both for business purposes and personal…

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Manta Law: We fight medical debt harassment

We’re excited to introduce Manta Law, a Tampa-area law firm fighting for Florida patients who are being harassed over medical debts and other consumer debts. Why focus on medical debt collection? We know how serious the problem is. A recent survey from The Commonwealth Fund found that millions of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills and have substantial medical debt. Forty-one percent of working-age Americans — or 72 million people — have medical bill problems or are paying off medical…

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Janelle A. Weber, founder of Manta Law

Janelle Weber Gives Tips on Winning Attorneys’ Fees

Manta Law Founder Speaks About Winning Attorneys’ Fees On January 9, 2020, Janelle A. Weber, founder of the Law Office of Janelle A. Weber, P.A., presented on maximizing clients’ opportunities for winning attorneys’ fees. Ms. Weber and her co-presenters gave the talk at the C. H. Ferguson M. E. White American Inn of Court meeting at the Chester H. Ferguson Law Center in downtown Tampa. The presentation provided helpful tips to attorneys for protecting their clients’ best interests and avoiding…

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Janelle A. Weber teaches at the Great American Teach-In at Steinbrenner High School.

Janelle Weber Volunteers at Great American Teach-In

Manta Law Gives Back  Janelle A. Weber, founder of Manta Law, volunteered at the Great American Teach-In on November 21, 2019. As a member of the North Tampa Bar Association (“NTBA”), Ms. Weber gave a talk at two entrepreneurship classes and two English literature classes at George M. Steinbrenner High School in Lutz. The students were excited to engage with Ms. Weber about the First Amendment, defamation and invasion of privacy, and legal issues affecting startup businesses.  “I always love…

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Janelle A. Weber, founder of Manta Law, at her office.

Janelle Weber Named Outreach Chair

The Florida Bar’s Consumer Protection Law Committee has appointed Janelle A. Weber, founder of Manta Law, as Chair of the Outreach Subcommitee. In this role, Ms. Weber will manage the Consumer Protection Law Committee’s Twitter account. The purpose of the Consumer Protection Law Committee is to “educate consumers and Bar members about consumer protection laws and current issues through such means as public outreach events, public service messages, CLE programs, consumer publications, non-partisan technical assistance memoranda on proposed legislation, and providing expert resources to The Florida…

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