If you undergo a major medical procedure or spend time in the hospital, request an itemized bill. The additional information contained in the itemized bill will help you determine whether you were billed correctly. Scrutinize the bill for any unexpected charges or other apparent errors.

If you find any errors on your bill (even small ones), challenge the charges right away. Send an email to the customer service department and call them as well. Always retain your emails, and write down of the persons to whom you spoke. Question any unexpected charges. If there’s a charge you don’t understand, persist until your questions are answered satisfactorily. 

It is unlawful for a hospital or medical provider to attempt to collect a debt from you that it knows you do not owe. If you bring the error to biller’s attention and it persists in attempting to collect an erroneous charge, the biller will have a hard time arguing that its error was “bonafide” when you get to court. 

A few additional tips:

  • Be polite and firm when discussing medical charges
  • Documents calls (date, time and person you spoke to) and preserve emails
  • If your calls with the medical provider or insurance company are being recorded, make a formal request that they be preserved
  • If your insurance claim is denied, file an appeal if you have a valid ground for doing so (make sure you know what your deadline for appealing is)

If you have concerns about an error on your medical bill and you’re not getting anywhere with your provider, call Manta Law today. You may be entitled to statutory damages under the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (“FCCPA”) and a correction of your bill.

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