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Manta Law offers civil appellate services, especially in the area of family, probate, commercial, and real property law. If you have received an adverse ruling in a probate, divorce, or commercial case, we may be able to help. We will analyze your case to determine if the judge made a mistake that can be reversed on appeal.

The types of family law cases we handle on appeal include dissolution/divorce, alimony, child support, child custody, and domestic violence injunctions. We also handle all manner of commercial and real property appeals. 

Personalized Attention, Zealous Appellate Advocacy

When you meet with us to discuss your family law or other civil appeal, we listen intently and give you the personalized attention you and your family deserve. We will quickly hone in on the key appellate issues and formulate a strategy that meets your needs. We’ll use our experience, persuasive writing, and skilled oral advocacy to give you the best possible chance of success.

We Handle Appeals throughout the State of Florida 

We can represent you in your family law or other civil appeal in any of Florida’s District Courts of Appeal. For civil appeals in other areas, including commercial litigation, we can also represent you throughout Florida and in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

We Keep Up to Date on Developments in Florida Family Law Appeals 

We frequently review recently-issued family law opinion from Florida’s District Courts of Appeal. Peruse our blog to read our summaries of some recent cases involving child support, equitable distribution, and more. 

How a Manta Law Appellate Attorney Can Help You

If you believe you were wronged in a civil case, contact Manta Law immediately. It’s essential to act quickly so that you don’t miss your deadline to file your notice of appeal. We have the knowledge and resources to help you determine the best course of action. Call us today.

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Appellate Areas 

  • Child support
  • Child custody and time sharing 
  • Dissolution of marriage, equitable distribution, and support 
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Attorneys’ fees awards
  • Domestic violence injunctions 
  • Probate appeals involving beneficiaries
  • Commercial matters (contracts, business torts, IP, fraud)
  • Real property (land use, foreclosures, landlord/tenant)
  • First Amendment, defamation, and invasion of privacy
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Mother holds child in the grass.

Child Support: Reimbursable Expenses as Income

In this week’s family law appellate blog, the Second District Court of Appeal directed a trial court to recalculate the parties’ child support obligations in light of the court’s exclusion from the mother’s income all of the automobile expenses paid by her business. The case is Mikhail v. Mikhail, Case No. Case No. 2D18-2153 (filed September 20, 2019). Trial Court Evidence was submitted at trial that showed the mother owned a company that reimbursed all of her automobile expenses, incurred both for business purposes and personal…

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Beach with birds at dawn

Pension Problem: Marital Asset or Not?

In this installment of Manta Law’s Family Law Appellate Blog, the Second District Court of Appeal reversed and remanded for the trial court to make findings regarding what portion of the former wife’s pension should be classified as a marital asset. The case is Pearson v. Pearson, Case No. 2D17-4012 (filed March 22, 2019). Trial Court Proceeding The former wife testified that she began to contribute to her retirement fund when she became a teacher in 2011. She was placed on administrative…

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Military parent holding young daughter's hand.

Miscalculation of Child Support Owed by Active Duty Military Parent

Miscalculation of Child Support Owed by Active Duty Military Parent In this week’s family law appellate blog, the First District Court of Appeal reversed the trial court for miscalculating the child support owed by a father who is on active duty in the United States Army. The case is Knapp v. Knapp, Case No. 1D17-2869 (filed Feb. 28, 2019). Child Support Error In the trial court, the father testified that he is guaranteed only 30 days of leave per calendar year…

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